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Army Ethic White Paper

*NEW* This White Paper identifies an omission in our doctrine – the absence of an articulated, accessible, and understandable expression of the Army Ethic.
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Inaugural Army Profession Symposium

Inaugural Army Profession Symposium

The Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) hosted the inaugural Army Profession Symposium at West Point, New York, July 30-31, 2014. The symposium's purpose was to develop a shared vision, reinforce guidance, and generate dialogue on "Living the Army Ethic."

AAOP FY15/16 "Living the Army Ethic"

The Army Ethic. Our professional ethic is expressed in law, Army Values, creeds, oaths, ethos, and shared beliefs embedded within Army culture.
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Stand Strong Video Case Studies

Stand Strong Video Case Studies including SSG Valdez, SPC Wright, PFC Schuette, and CSM Guerra.
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CSA Strategic Priorities

We Are Doing the Future Today. While remaining committed to the current fight, the Army is adapting to and also shaping the future.

    Recent Army Profession News

    CSA Introduces New Army Operating Concept to Army War College Class of 2015

    Army War College Class of 2015 was the first major audience with which the Chief of Staff of the Army GEN Ray Odierno discussed the new Army Operating Concept.

    MCCoE Welcomes New Director

    BG Willard Burleson III assumed responsibility as director of Mission Command Center of Excellence during a ceremony held at the Frontier Conference Center on 28 Aug 2014.

    TRADOC: Transforming Civilians into Soldiers

    For over 40 years TRADOC has provided millions of Soldiers with the skills, expertise, and experience to become successful both in and out of the service.

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