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SMA Announces Roll Out of New AR 670-1 and Revised Training Package
  • <p>During Fiscal Year 2014, the United States Army will launch the <a href='/aaop/'>America’s Army – Our Profession “STAND STRONG”</a> program so that Army Professionals “Stand Strong” to conduct ourselves and hold each other accountable in a manner consistent with the Army Ethic and worthy of our professional status.</p>
  • Army Profession Seminars<p> Army Profession Seminars provide an overview of Army Profession doctrine, demonstrates educational and training resources, and facilitates a discussion about the Army Profession.  <br />
</p><p>More Information on: <a href='aaop/apseminars.php' title='Army Profession Seminars Page'> Army Profession Seminars ››</a> </p>
  • Army Civilians<p>The Army Civilian Corps as a component of the Army Profession play an integral role in accomplishing the Army's statutory missions. </p><p>Products Incorporating: <a href='civilians.php' title='Civilian Info'>Army Civilians ››</a>
  • Army Profession in the News!<p>View the latest articles related to the Army Profession, provide comments, and suggest your own Army Profession articles to be added.
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Sergeant Major of the Army Outlines His Priorities for 2014

Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler, who is focusing on building strong leaders and a strong Army, spoke to Army Times about his priorities for the coming year.