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CASAP FY16 Technical Report Image

CASAP FY16 Technical Report

CASAP FY16 focused on trust at all levels within the Army Profession and with the American people; the extent of training on Army Profession Doctrine and AAOP theme "Living the Army Ethic"; and awareness and acceptance of the Sgt. Maj. of the Army initiative, “Not In My Squad.”

One Army, Indivisible Image

One Army, Indivisible

The Army conducts the FY 17-18 AAOP “One Army, Indivisible” program to strengthen bonds of trust within the Army Profession and reinforce trust with the American people.

Picture of books in SMA Dailey's book club.

SMA Book Club

The Book Club is designed to provide junior leaders guided opportunities to engage with their Soldiers on Army Profession concepts by discussing literature featuring subject matter across many genres.

Character Development White Paper Image

Developing the Character of Trusted Army Professionals: Forging the Way Ahead

The immediate question and the theme of this White Paper is: How should the Army Ethic drive Character Development for Army professionals?

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*NEW* Virtual Simulators

Three new virtual simulators (In My Squad, Dedicated to our Profession, and Keepers of the Colors & our Profession) are available to play instantly online and for download.

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    Recent Army Profession News

    Lying to Ourselves YouTube Lecture

    Every day, no matter the environment or specific duties, U.S. Army officers are bombarded with overwhelming demands for their units to accomplish tasks, and sometimes tasks are far beyond their capacity.

    2017 Mission Command Conference at West Point

    West Point's Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic sponsored the 2017 Mission Command Conference (MCC) at the United States Military Academy April 19-20.

    Gladiators Build Esprit de Corps

    Esprit de Corps is one of the essential characteristics of the Army Profession, and Soldiers in the 1st Special Forces Group (FSG) [Airborne] recently competed in an event that fosters that characteristic: the 2nd Annual Gladiator Challenge, held at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.

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