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Army Profession Seminars

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Overview: A standard AP seminar is comprised of a 2 hour session that covers the following:

90 Minutes for facilitated discussion on Army Profession and Ethic Concepts.

30 Minutes for demonstration of CAPE professional development education and training products.

CAPE leadership is available to provide an Army Profession Seminar at your location. These seminars are a train-the-trainer session intended for Brigade level organizations and above. (i.e., Brigade/Battalion Commanders, CSMs, GS14s and Company Grade Officers, NCOS and Civilians. Schedule directly (, 1-845-938-1057, DSN 688-1057) or fill out the Seminar Request Form and we will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much does it cost to host an AP Seminar? There is little or no cost to your organization, beyond the time it takes to manage the student rosters and reserve the seminar venue.
  2. What resources must the host organization provide? To conduct an AP Seminar the host organization simply provides a large meeting venue such as a conference center with internet connectivity, audio-visual system support, and the training audience. Tables of eight to ten people are best because the seminar encourages robust dialogue and discussion. Your installation’s theater - while not ideal - will suffice if it has internet connectivity and AV system support.
  3. What training audience should attend an AP Seminar? Your organization’s leaders will determine who should attend based on unit assessments. CAPE can conduct multiple sessions during the visit for different cohorts (i.e., Brigade/Battalion Commanders / Directors, CSMs and GS14s and Company Grade officers, NCOs and Army Civilians). For large populations, leaders may schedule AP Seminars in the morning and afternoon. For planning purposes, CAPE tries to schedule no more than two sessions per day over a two day period at any particular location. Please let us know if your needs require more sessions.
  4. Can I request to have Theme Support Packages mailed to me? Yes. You can either download them straight to your desktop, or request hard copies mailed to your address.
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