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Living the Army Ethic

Living the Army Ethic

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The Army Ethic. Our professional ethic is expressed in law, Army Values, creeds, oaths, ethos, and shared beliefs embedded within Army culture. It inspires and motivates the conduct of Army Professionals -- Soldiers and Army Civilians -- who are bound together in common moral purpose. It expresses the standard and expectation for all of us to make right decisions and to take right actions at all times. It is the heart of our shared professional identity -- trusted Army Professional -- our sense of who we are, our purpose in life, and Why and How We Serve the American people.


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Why & How We Serve Poster

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Living the Army Ethic Theme Video

Living The Army Ethic Theme Video Screenshot


Living the Army Ethic Theme Video

Living the Army Ethic Theme Video Screenshot

Carried Strength

Carried Strength Video Screenshot

Honorable Retaliation

Honorable Retaliation Video Screenshot

Binding Wounds

Binding Wounds Video Screenshot

Caring for Our Own

Caring for Our Own Video Screenshot

Accountable Justice

Accountable Justice Video Screenshot

Adherence to Standards

Adherence to Standards Video Screenshot

Bonded Commitment

Bonded Commitment Video Screenshot

CPT Jackson

CPT Jackson Video Screenshot

False Positive

False Positive Video Screenshot

Principled Evaluation

Principled Evaluation Video Screenshot

Rumors from Home

Rumors from Home Video Screenshot


Samaritan Video Screenshot

Team Recognition

Team Recognition Video Screenshot




ADP 6-22

ADRP 6-22

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Backbone of the Army

The Company We Keep

The Future is Now

The High Ground

True Faith & Allegiance

Stewards of the Profession: A Special Trust

Highly Specialized, Highly Committed

Keepers of the Colors & our Profession

Dedicated to the Profession

In My Squad

Moral Combat