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What is the greatest challenge to the Army Profession for the Army of 2020 and beyond?

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The Army has a dual nature - it is both a military department (a part of the Armed Forces) and a military profession. As one of the Nation's armed services, we carry out the missions assigned by the Commander in Chief in accordance with the law and intent of Congress. As a military profession, the Army is built upon an ethic of trust that buttresses the other four essential characteristics of our profession: military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, and stewardship (refer to Army Doctrine Publication 1, The Army, Chapter 2)


To sustain our status as a military profession, these five essential characteristics must be present in our culture, our professionals, our units, and in our external relationships. As Army professionals we must exhibit competence, character and commitment. Together, these characteristics represent more than official statements. They embody our shared values that guide our American approach to warfighting. The Army functions as a military profession when its leaders, and all who support it, remain committed to maintaining these five essential characteristics.

Examining one or a combination of the five essential characteristics of the Army profession,
"What is the greatest challenge to the Army Profession for the Army of 2020 and beyond?"

WHO: OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE ARMY PROFESSION - Soldiers, NCOs, and officers of the Profession of Arms, Department of the Army Civilians, and retired Army professionals
WHAT: Papers by up to three authors, approximately 5000 words, to be judged for publication in an upcoming Military Review Special Edition as part of the Calendar Year 2013 America's Army - Our Profession education and training program