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Life out of Reach

Part 1: SFC MacDonald describes being a medic at Bucca Prison in Iraq, the largest detention facility in that country in 2005. He describes the hostile conditions and the violence within the perimeter. He was responsible as a medic to care both for the MPs in his unit and for the detainees. Medics gave proactive health-care even to insurgents. One day, a detainee is severely injured during a fight and his friends carry him to the fence. SFC MacDonald describes the conflict between his desire and Duty as a medic to treat the man bleeding out on the other side of the fence, and his Duty as a medic and a Soldier to not enter the perimeter until it is secure.

Part 2: SFC MacDonald follows his unit SOP and does not move in because the area is not secure, he would be exposing other US Soldiers to harm. He discusses watching the detainee bleed out. He followed safety first. SFC MacDonald also reflects on the responsibility as a medic to prioritize care and ensure that they also protect themselves as an asset.

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