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Speaking Up

There are probably a lot of people in my platoon that had the same mindset that I did when I came into the Army. I had a lot of male friends before I came into the military. I was used to the way that they talked and the way that many of them would joke around. I knew how to handle myself and even when the comments were inappropriate, it didn't use to bother me. But, in the Army it is different. And, you don't realize that when the joking is going on continuously, all day, every day that it becomes too much. It's going to wear down on you more than you think it would. It got difficult being around men, all day, everyday. It seems that everybody feeds off of each other. One person will start it by saying something, and it's easy for it to get out of control from there. I let it go for a while. Finally, it had worn me down to much. I wasn't enjoying coming to work and was uncomfortable in my own Platoon.

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