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Character Development Project

Page last updated: 20 Apr 2017

GAP #501028: The Army lacks the capability to identify attributes of character and to assess the success of efforts to develop character so that Army professionals consistently demonstrate their commitment and resilience to live by and uphold the Army Ethic (The Army Capabilities Needs Analysis FY15 - GAP #501028, 2015).

Mission: Under the authority of HQDA EXORD 086-16 HUMAN DIMENSION, the “Character Development Project Team” articulates and gains APLDF (I-14-007) approval for and publishes the Army Concept for Character Development -- applicable for all Soldiers and Army Civilians, within the process of leader and professional development -- NLT June 2017, in order to strengthen shared identity and inform the certification of trusted Army professionals.

Living by & Upholding the Army Ethic Venn Diagram

Figure 1. Mutual Trust through Living our Shared Identity -- Trusted Army Professionals (CASAP FY15 Technical Report)

As trusted Army professionals—Soldiers and Army Civilians—we are honorable servants of the Nation, Army experts, and faithful stewards of the people, other resources, and the profession entrusted to our care. We earn and sustain trust by demonstrating our character, competence, and commitment – making right decisions and taking right actions that are ethical, effective, and efficient. (ADRP 1)

An Army professional is a Soldier or Army Civilian who meets the Army Profession's certification criteria in character, competence, and commitment. (ADRP 1, para 1-11)

Certification: verification and validation of an Army professional's character, competence, and commitment to fulfill responsibilities and successfully perform assigned duty with discipline and to standard.

The Character Development Project Team articulates, gains approval for, and publishes the Army concept for developing and assessing the character of Soldiers and Army Civilians within the process of leader and professional development through education, training, and experience.

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