Center for the Army Profession and Ethic

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Instructional Programs and Products (IPP)


Develop, manage, and sustain instructional programs, strategies, products, knowledge, and strategic communication to support the Army Profession, Culture, Ethic, and Character Development.


  1. Develop the Facilitator: Sustain a comprehensive and adaptable Army Profession and Ethic develop the facilitator program incorporating current Army Profession Concepts, instructional technologies, group facilitation techniques, and adult learning concepts.
  2. Curriculum Redesign: Develop products and strategies to support character development and Army Profession Concepts education for IMT, PME, and CES, and self-development IAW the Army Learning Model, continually validating to ensure effectiveness and reliability.
  3. Organizational Sustainment: Develop products to support character development sustainment in operational units.
  4. Knowledge Management: Develop and sustain CAPE Knowledge Management products and tools to enrich internal processes, strategic communication, and collaboration with other agencies and partners.