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Training Support Packages (TSP)

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America's Army – Our Profession (AAOP)

The America’s Army – Our Profession program is designed to teach and inspire understanding of the Army Profession and to enhance commitment to our professional obligations – to ourselves, others, the Army, and the American people.

The FY 17-18 AAOP theme is "One Army, Indivisible" – One Army, Indivisible Training Support Package

Intended Audience: All Army professionals

Army Profession and Ethic Faculty Development Course

NEW! Army Profession and Ethic Faculty Development Course

This course provides educational content on the Army Profession and Army Ethic as described in ADRP 1. It is intended for use in faculty development programs to provide instructors and curriculum developers with concepts, videos, and scenarios they can use with their learners. The material is also useful for unit professional development programs.

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Intended Audience: All Army professionals

701L-COM-1101 TSP

NEW! Identify Key Concepts of the Army Profession


During this lesson you will learn and participate in a facilitated discussion covering the: Attributes of a Profession; Characteristics of the Army Profession; Certification Criteria for Army Professionals; Communities of Practice, Cohorts, and Components within the Army; and the Distinctive Roles of Trusted Army Professionals.

Intended Audience: IMT (BCT, BOLC-A, WOCS, and Civilian Foundation)

701L-COM-1201 TSP

NEW! Communicate Key Concepts of the Army Profession


In this lesson, we will gain an understanding of key concepts within the Army Profession in order for you to understand the language of our profession and be able to communicate those concepts as a trusted Army professional. The concepts we will discuss today include: our dual nature; civil-military relations; Army culture; unit climate; essential characteristics of the Army Profession; Army professional certification criteria and process; distinctive roles of Army professionals; and assessing mutual trust in squad-level organizations.

Intended Audience: IMT (AIT, BOLC-B, WOBC, and Civilian Basic)

701L-COM-1301 / CCC L151 TSP

NEW! Examine Key Concepts of the Army Profession

701L-COM-1301 / CCC L151

Learners focus on leadership and the Army Profession with an extensive examination of building mutual trust externally and internally. Learners will examine civil-military relations and our roles as Army professionals, contrast culture with climate, and assess mutual trust in small unit organizations. Learners will use a case study to discuss the practical application of trust and climate at unit level.

Intended Audience: Captains Career Course (CCC)

701L-COM-2101 TSP

NEW! Employ the Army Ethic


During this lesson you will learn and participate in a facilitated discussion covering several learning objectives: Relate the Army Ethic to Why and How We Serve; Describe the Army Ethic; Describe the Legal and Moral Foundations of the Army Ethic; Describe The Seven Army Values; Relate the Army Values to the Moral Principles of the Army Ethic; Explain the Ethical Reasoning Model; and Employ the Army Ethic in common situations.

Intended Audience: IMT (BCT, BOLC-A, WOCS, and Civilian Foundation)

701L-COM-2201 TSP

NEW! Employ the Army Ethic in Leadership Situations


This ethical reasoning model was taught to Army learners in BOLC-A, WOCS, BCT, and Civilian Foundation Course as part of Individual Task 701L-COM-2101, Employ the Army Ethic. It is covered here as a refresher to help the instructor/facilitator frame a discussion about how you would apply ethical reasoning to your daily decisions and actions during leadership situations.

Intended Audience: IMT (AIT, BOLC-B, WOBC, and Civilian Basic)

701L-COM-2301 / CCC L141 TSP

NEW! Examine the Army Ethic

701L-COM-2301 / CCC L141

The desired outcome of this lesson is for learners to include ethical reasoning and the moral principles of the Army Ethic within their decision making as leaders and trusted Army professionals. Learners will use vignettes and case studies to apply the ethical reasoning model to real-world scenarios to make decisions or take actions that are ethical, effective, and efficient.

Intended Audience: Captains Career Course (CCC)

Army Values Sustainment Package

Army Values Sustainment Package

Army Values Training is required in accordance with AR 350-1, Section G, Table G1. This training is intended to provide both sustainment of the Army's core values and an opportunity to further the development of Soldiers and Leaders of character.

Intended Audience: All Army professionals

BCT Army Values Package

Basic Combat Training (BCT) Army Values Package

This video based Case Study Exercise is geared for the Basic Combat Training Soldier. In these videos Soldiers talk about how the Seven Army Values have affected each of them and how these values define them as a Soldier. With the help of a facilitator, these Case Study Exercises allow the Soldier to reflect on the values of the Profession of Arms; show that everyone has a set of values, that your values can change over time, and that your values determine your behavior.

Intended Audience: BCT


Company Command First Sergeant Pre-Command Course

In this module (CCFSPCC) developed for the Army Company Commander First Sergeant Course, students will understand their responsibility to be stewards of the Army Profession in their organization and imbue the essential characteristics, attributes, and competencies of the Army Profession within their unit.

This course is one of many modules. You can find the full course here:

Intended Audience: Company Commanders and First Sergeants


Senior Leader Educational Guidance Packages

The goal of this guidance is to further students’ education on ethics and promote their personal and professional development. The content of this educational guidance contains eleven topic modules. Two of the modules, The Army Profession as Our Unifying Purpose and Context and Investing in Character Development, are foundational and should be considered as prerequisites for later modules. Your Stewardship: Preserving the Army Profession should be the final module as its objective is to launch the student from the course with a plan to implement at the student’s next duty station.

The other eight modules are each focused on exploration topics of particular interest to Senior Leaders. TRADOC has mandated 2 specific topics within this area, “Honoring the Public Trust,” and “Ethical Compartmentalization: Does Your Private Life Matter?”

Intended Audience: Strategic Leaders

Army Civilians Training Support Package

Army Civilians

The Army Civilian Corps as a component of the Army Profession play an integral role in accomplishing the Army's statutory missions. The media on this page highlights Army Civilian contributions to Our Profession and support of Soldiers and mission.

Intended Audience: Army Civilians