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SSG Huntley Part 1SSG Huntley Part 2
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Binding Wounds IntroBinding Wounds Conclusion
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Tarnished Coin

My team leader and I caught an HVT (high value target). We were not part of the raid element, but we were assigned as the outer cordon element and my squad leader was pretty upset about it. So, he was sitting in the humvee sulking and getting all upset. Instead of saying, "It's the mission, we need to do the right thing" - he was upset about it. So, my team leader and I were out in the courtyard and caught the guy (the HVT) coming over the wall. It was kind of the right place at the right time. And at the end of the day, the Squad Leader has to report to the First Sergeant and he tells him, "my guys were sitting in the humvee sulking, and I was on the other side of this wall and caught this guy. He landed in my lap and I caught him." "He was decorated and given a coin by General Petreaus. That's wrong. The fact that he would lie about it. So, you were put into a situation of - do you lie to cover up for this guy? Where do your loyalties lie?


Rumors from Home

CPT Foreman is an infantry Officer who is serving as the Rear Detachment Commander during his unit's deployment. CPT Foreman had prior service as an enlisted Soldier and had previously been deployed. He describes a situation that arose within the Rear Detachment: Situation: "You can't go into combat wondering if somebody is going to shoot you in the back because they know that you were looking at their wife." "It's time away, or Soldiers getting into a marriage early on, and not understanding and the wife not understanding what they were getting into, and they deploy I get a lot of both sides of it: the Soldier says his wife's sleeping around; the wives coming in and saying their Soldiers are sleeping around in theatre."


Accountable Justice

1SG Ernie Kurica has an unknown criminal in his ranks, and that Soldier has removed a 9mm pistol from the Company Armsroom. After locking down the Company, questioning suspects, and checking paperwork, 1SG Kurica and his Commander must make a decision: Choose to pursue justice knowing that weapon may never be seen again or pursue recovery of the weapon by offering amnesty, and let the criminal walk.

Army Culture Video

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Company Command First Sergeant Pre-Command Course

In this module developed for the Army Company Commander First Sergeant Course, students will understand their responsibility to be stewards of the Army Profession in their organization and imbue the essential characteristics, attributes, and competencies of the Army Profession within their unit.

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