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The Army Ethic in Action

The moral principles of the Army Ethic, including the Army Values, provide the moral and legal basis for why and how we serve, guiding our decisions and actions. The Army exists as a profession for one reason: to serve the nation by supporting and defending the Constitution in a way that upholds the rights and interests of the American people. The Army Ethic defines what it means to serve honorably ... in the conduct of our mission, performance of duty and all aspects of life. Living by and upholding the Army Ethic is the foundation for mutual trust and cohesive teamwork--the first principle of Mission Command.

This is the first in a series of articles that will use vignettes to illustrate the Army Ethic in action. Each vignette is a true story about soldiers and, in future articles, Army civilians, demonstrating character, competence and commitment to accomplish the mission in the right way. The intent is to strengthen understanding of the Army Ethic and inspire honorable service within the Army profession.

Read the full article on AUSA: Heart of the Army: Moral Principles Guide Why, How of Service

Prevailing in Large-Scale Combat Operations: "Character, Trust, and Mission Command"

AAOP FY 19-20 Theme Poster

"Prevailing in Large-Scale Combat Operations: 'Character, Trust, and Mission Command'" is the America's Army - Our Profession (AAOP) biennial theme for fiscal year 2019-2020. The Chief of Staff of the Army approves "America's Army - Our Profession" (AAOP) themes to educate the Total Force on topics important to the Army as a profession. The FY19-20 theme highlights the Army's imperative to prevail in large-scale combat operations by exercising mission command, which requires mutual trust and depends on character. The intent is to educate Soldiers and Army Civilians on The Army's Framework for Character Development and the interdependence of character, trust, and mission command.

The Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) encourages units, organizations, and leaders to integrate AAOP theme materials and concepts into professional development programs. CAPE has developed training materials, including a discussion guide, videos, and vignettes to help.

Visit the FY 19-20 AAOP Training Support Package page

CAPE Takes APS to 101st DIVARTY Leadership Conference

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Glenn Goldman, Deputy Director for the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, presented an Army Profession Seminar (APS) during the 101st DIVARTY's Organizational Leadership conference earlier this year. The facilitated, interactive discussion at the APS included the Army Profession, the Army Ethic, Character Development, and Trusted Army Professional Identity.

Approximately 60 leaders, including the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Deputy Commanding General, attended the seminar and provided positive feedback on the Army's Framework for Character Development and the Character Development Whiteboard Video.

If you would like CAPE to bring an APS to your location, you can get details on the Army Profession Seminar page.

Taking Time to Reflect on Military Professionalism

War Room Podcast Image

In this episode of "War Room," the official podcast of the U.S. Army War College online journal, Lt. Col. Ty Mayfield and Jacqueline E. Whitt begin by discussing the history of the U.S. military as a profession and what it means to be a profession.

"We feel like this is the right time ... that a point of reflection is required. And it's a time for us to look back at these tenets of a profession and ask ourselves are we meeting them. Looking for places where they can be improved and strengthened and making sure that that we as the U.S. Military are maintaining that trust with our client, the Constitution of the United States and its citizens ...."

Listen to the full podcast, originally posted on Sept. 21, 2018, or subscribe here:

Shaping the Peruvian Army's NCO corps

Sgt. Maj. Boris Bolaños, senior enlisted advisor to the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, presented an Army Profession Seminar to the Peruvian Army's (PERAR) non-commissioned officer corps in September in Lima, Peru, about Army Profession, Army Ethic, and Character Development concepts. In addition to the seminar facilitated by Bolaños, the Peruvian soldiers were also a part of a Not in My Squad (NIMS) Workshop during the week-long training event.

According to West Virginia National Guard Capt. Holli Nelson, "This engagement is a part of an ongoing series between ARSOUTH and PERAR ... designed to provide a foundation for institutional change to education and leader development within the PERAR NCO corps."

Learn More: WVNG, ARSOUTH shaping the future for Peruvian Army's NCO corps

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