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TRADOC: Transforming Civilians into Soldiers

For over 40 years TRADOC has provided millions of Soldiers with the skills, expertise, and experience to become successful both in and out of the service. 'Start Strong' is the Army's way of finding, selecting, and providing training and education to the one percent of the American population who volunteer to serve.

"U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command's focus on selecting the very best enlisted and officers and investing wisely in their training and education, benefits not just the Army, but also every individual who travels this pathway of professionalism."

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Building Trust between the Army and the American People recently published an article titled America losing touch with Army; about-face needed. The author writes about how the Army needs to "reacquaint Americans with their Army." During a Solarium event CSA Raymond Odierno said, "One of the problems the Army has is that it doesn't talk a lot about itself and what we've accomplished. We should be proud of who we are and what we've accomplished."

One of the topics the author mentions that would be excellent to discuss with the American people is the Army Profession. The professional certification criteria of character, competence, and commitment is something SMA Raymond Chandler is discussing often and is passionate about.

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SMA Raymond Chandler Discusses the Army Profession at 'The Last Frontier'

SMA Raymond Chandler visited 'The Last Frontier' 25-28 Aug 14 to thank Soldiers, Army Civilians, and Families of U.S. Army Alaska for their service and commitment and to also listen to their concerns. During a town hall meeting SMA Raymond Chandler discussed the Army Profession saying:

It's not just wearing the uniform that makes you a Soldier, It is the character demonstrated by your actions both on and off duty -- by living the Army Values and aspiring to live the Warrior Ethos. Leaders who embodied character, competence and commitment in all aspects of their lives understand what the Army Profession really means.

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CAPE Conducts Army Profession Seminars at Fort Leonard Wood

Recently CAPE visited the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence at Fort Leonard Wood to conduct five Army Profession Seminars. COL Denton Knapp, CAPE Director, led the interactive seminar sessions to help integrate Army Profession, Army Ethic, and Character Development concepts into leadership-development sessions.

"Our doctrine now is really forward thinking. If you haven't read the doctrine lately, you need to," COL Knapp said.

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SMA Chandler Asks Future Sergeants Major to Decide What the Army of 2025 Will Look Like

SMA Raymond Chandler spoke to Class 65 of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas and challenged them to "look to the future and decide what kind of Army and NCO Corps they want to have".

"You will decide what the NCO corps will be," Chandler said. "If you look at the many challenges that we have today within our Army, or in the future, it will be an NCO at the end of the day who will get us that last 300 yards... Because the future of our Army is going to be in environments where non-commissioned officers using Mission Command will determine our success on the battlefield... It's a mark of your commitment to the Army Profession."

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