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Leader Development Number One Priority

Even with the drawdown and sequestration the Army's number one priority continues to be leader development. The leader development applies not only to officers but to noncommissioned officers as well.

Chief of Staff of the Army General Ray Odierno mentions that, "We cease to be effective as an Army if we let that go".

When Gen Odierno is talking to Soldiers about the Army Profession he draws attention to the 3C's Character, Competence, and Commitment. "That's what underpins everything we do," he said.

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Stand Strong Video Case Studies

America's Army Our Profession "Stand Strong" Video Case Study Page. Are you familiar with our website resources?

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Army Profession Seminar Fort Lee

AP Seminar Fort Lee

SGM David Stewart, Center for the Army Profession and Ethic senior enlisted advisor, discussed leadership, mentoring and ethics with Combined Arms Support Command Soldiers and civilians during two seminars hosted by the Army Logistics University 23 Jan.

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The Importance of Commitment

SMA Chandler has made a personal commitment to the Soldiers of America's Army. His commitment for those who have sacrificed their personal health to carry out their duties is even deeper.

"Chandler, who views commitment as a trait that every person, particularly Soldiers, should demonstrate, explains that he re-learned what commitment really means from Judith Markelz, director of the Warrior and Family Support Center.", says SGT Ezzell.

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New Video Case Studies

SPC Wright: The Effects of Hazing and Sexual Assault on the Army Profession

SPC Jarett Wright was hazed and sexually assaulted while deployed to Iraq in 2010. He is sharing his story to prevent similar acts from happening to others.

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SSG Valdez: Resiliency and the Army Profession

A Soldier confessed to sexually assaulting SSG Mary Valdez while attending a single Soldiers retreat in Hawaii. She trusted him because he also served in the US Army. She is sharing her story to help fellow Army Professionals understand how to survive after being sexually assaulted.

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