Center for the Army Profession and Ethic

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Research & Assessment


Create, integrate, and promulgate research-based knowledge to facilitate CAPE DOTMLPF-P proponent functions for the Army Profession, Ethic, and Character Development.


  1. Assessment: Conduct surveys and other field research to provide periodic assessment of the state of the Army Profession and Ethic.
  2. Research: Conduct field research to advance concepts and knowledge related to the Army Profession, Ethic, and character development within Army organizations.
  3. Integrate: Integrate research concepts and knowledge into doctrine , policy, and instructional products and programs to support the professional education and development of Army Soldiers and Civilians in their organizations.
  4. Dialog: Engage with Army professional education and training centers, research centers, and the military community in scholarly dialog about the Army Profession through participation in Army conferences and publication of information papers and articles in Army professional journals and periodicals.
  5. Promote: Establish CAPE Research as respected leader and expert on the profession and ethic both within the Army and with the broader scholarly community.