Center for the Army Profession and Ethic

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Training & Education


Develop, manage, and sustain instructional programs, strategies, products, knowledge, and strategic communication to support the Army Profession, Culture, Ethic, and Character Development.


  1. Develop the Facilitator: Sustain a comprehensive and adaptable Army Profession and Ethic develop the facilitator program incorporating current Army Profession Concepts, instructional technologies, group facilitation techniques, and adult learning concepts.
  2. Curriculum Redesign: Develop products and strategies to support character development and Army Profession Concepts education for IMT, PME, and CES, and self-development IAW the Army Learning Model, continually validating to ensure effectiveness and reliability.
  3. Organizational Sustainment: Develop products to support character development sustainment in operational units.
  4. Knowledge Management: Develop and sustain CAPE Knowledge Management products and tools to enrich internal processes, strategic communication, and collaboration with other agencies and partners.